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DoomlordKravoka, often nicknamed "Doomlord" or "DLK", is a minor forum regular. He has Aspergers Syndrome and is a supporter of neurodiversity. He follows the Mormon branch of Christianity.

Posting habits Edit

DoomlordKravoka plays obscure indie games as well as the Czech online card game Coraabia. He occasionally makes art with GIMP, including Coraabia cards based off of other users. 
Liga (2004)-0

Liga (2004)-0

What may be "Coraabia".

History Edit

On January 2015 DLK joined Dashnet to get its members to perform a "reverse raid" on Kongot, no one actually went with it though and he quickly became inactive. A few months later, when Zicit started encouraging ExplodingCamels suicidal behavior, DLK started to attack Zicit, calling him things such as "The Supreme Archfaggot of Dashnet" and "Zitshit", Zicit has since apologized for this and DoomlordKravoka's hatred of him has lowered itself to a slight dislike of him, mostly over his obvious bigotry against the autistic. On September 13th he revealed his voice in a message discouraging BurntCookie from committing suicide. Zicit responded to this by reposting it on Kongot despite DLK saying that he had no intention of returning to that fucking shithole. DLK is getting back at this by fixing vandalism from Zicit, especially his anti-autistic propaganda.

Other info Edit

DLK used to consider himself a casual furry until he quit reading Tales of the Questor because of its already inconsistent and slow updating schedule being taken up by The Probability Bomb, which he considered to be little more than a diatribe against evolution against the backdrop of a time travel crossover plot.