Idler is a 8 year old boy who joined the Dashnet Forums on January 9, 2014. He is most popularly known as the genius behind FASTER MENNER!!!! and has also created an idle game titled Gold Miner. Not only has FASTER MENNER!!! become the mother of all running gags on DashNet, Idler himself has become a running gag there.

Idler does not create his funny weird sounding posts intentionally. He is Italian and English is not his first language, therefore his posts sound like they were fucked up by Bad Translator. His grammar is deemed the worst out of all members on Dashnet forums. Idler likes to play Roblox and Final Fantasy.

Since Idler is only 8 years old, he fails to understand basic things such as jokes. He also gets bent really easily and will whine and complain and make desperate threads about how he gets a lot of disagrees by other members, particularly ClickingGhost.

Idler has over 2000 posts.

Quotes & Best of Idler:

"I agree with me."


"Funny if a lot being a viewer."


Idler was banned for 24 hours on February 27, 2014 for disobeying administrators, creating pointless threads, creating pointless posts, posting a game in the IGM section containing only a link, creating a dupe and then labeling the actual original thread as dupe, creating threads in the wrong section, thread hi-jack attempts, and spamming his own suggestion links on dev profiles".

He was once again banned on June, 2014 for spamming profiles.

Idler was awarded the wiener badge upon being banned.