Jarr2003 is an active poster on Dashnet. He is infamous for never changing his avatar, despite being one of the oldest users on the forum. Despite that, he has recently changed his avatar for Halloween. He has created the "Best Dashnetter to Become a Mod" competition, which has, despite some controversy, gotten somewhat big on the forum, to the point where Opti implied the winner could actually become a mod.

History Edit

Jarr2003 first joined when he was 10, when most of Dashnet still played Cookie Clicker. He was somewhat hated, as several people insulted him after he left. Jarr2003 later returned a year after. He was apart of the "Developous2 Incident" and tried to more passively argue with Developous2, trying to convince him that "The Nexus" is just a game, and it's ridiculous that he wanted to take over the internet. More recently, he has commonly gotten into arguments with Drago_Meh, and even made a poll because of one argument. He recently created "Best Dashnetter to Become a Mod", which intends to conclude who would be the best person on the forum to become a mod. It has gotten some controversy from various users, particularly with how he has formatted the competition, as some (Particularly Drago_Meh, who was very angry about losing early on, prompting Jarr2003 to create a poll deciding whether Drago_Meh or Jarr2003 would be the better mod, which Jarr2003 promptly won) think the balancing is bad. Despite that, it is fairly popular on the forum, with Opti even implying the winner could become a mod. Jarr2003 is currently 12.