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Joined April 2014
Posts 5100+
Roles Member, Moderator, Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist
Age 17
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Tellurium, frequently reffered to by his nickname Luri is a very active moderator on DNF who is best known for creating a popular game with Idle Game Maker called Wall Destroyer. Some say that it's the best idle game of all time. His favorite color is turquoise. He is also known for having a decent post quality, though he doesn't post particularly frequently.

Tellurium IRL Edit

Tellurium goes to a school where you can choose what to learn and how much, but Tellurium chooses to not learn anything at all. He's been going to this shit school for his whole life, so he doesn't have any education, for example he has no idea what the order of operations are. He says that he has no hope for hs future and might eventually commit suicide.

History on Dashnet Edit

Opti promoted Tellurium to sub-moderator on January 7th to deal with Zicit's glorious spam, and promoted him to full moderator in February.

Tellurium is often referred to by his nickname "Luri". He is also widely known for being neutral on most topics. Eventually, people started replacing the word "neutral" with "Tellurium" and formed the meme "No tellurium option 0/10". People still use his name "Tellurium" in place of "neutral" almost everywhere on the forum, including polls.

Tellurium has the conversationalist and cool badges, as well as the Idle Game Master for creating the amazing and popular IGM game Wall Destroyer.

Personal infoEdit

Tellurium lives in Seattle, Washington. He is 6'2" and has long blonde hair, and is bisexual. He doesn't have accounts on any forums besides Dashnet.